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Smokehouse Outfitters - THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES

THANKS TO ALL THE HUNTERS AND FRIENDS. We are closing down Smokehouse Outfitters. It has been a great time. We are leaving up the galleries, but will no longer be accepting Hunts.

Thanks for the business. May the good Lord give you a good, safe hunt and your kill be quick and clean!


Benjamin Bishop
WOW WOW WOW, Thanks to Wade, Russ, Bernie, and Teresa. We appreciate your patience and diligence with harvesting an 8 plus foot gator.

The excitement of chasing the gator down the river, exploding on top of the water wide mouth and the finishing blow of the gun will stay with me for a long time. My four kids, wife, mom, cousin and brother and his family all enjoyed a great meal within 12 hours of harvesting... And they loved it.

If anybody is interested is going on a gator hunt these guys will work with you on all skill levels and really care about harvesting and skinning and taking all available meat sources from the gator...

By the way my buddy Ron that came with me took the largest part of the tail. ha ha ha
Look forward to the next time, thanks for letting me "live on the edge".

Doug Davis
These guys are pleasure to hunt with. Russ, Wade, Kevin, and Theresa were welcoming and made sure I got my hogs. I didn't know wht to expect but I was very pleased with the outcome. 3 good meat hogs in the cooler and a very up-close look at a 4th made me a believer that these folks know how to take care of the customer. The dogs were terrific and know how to deliver. Molly and Jill worked well as a team and chased two of the hogs all over the woods and through the brush but it eventually ended the same for both; hand shakes, smiles, and happy dogs. The skinning rack on-site made the overall hunt easy and care-free. A top-notch outfitting crew. When I get back from Iraq, I'm plan to bring my wife and kids so they can experience this wonderful hunt for themselves. I consider myself blessed to have spent the morning with these professionals and able to leave with a lot of meat for my family. Thankyou Smokehouse Outfitters!!! Save some hogs for me about March/April 2008.
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wild boar and alligator hunts


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